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Technology: How it affects the Human Species

Liberio Miguel


01 July 2013

Larry Bohleber

Technology: How it affects the Human Species

Technology has improved the human species by providing information around the world, leading to developments in different countries. Biotechnology is improving the world of medicine, agriculture, and energy production. In the medical world, technology has a big impact by helping scientists and doctors figure out how to fight off diseases and viruses. For example, there are two individuals, one who has malaria and the other has built up a resistance to malaria. Knowing that an individual has built up resistance to malaria can help, simply by taking a sample of their blood
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Technology has caused us to have less privacy and the government can invade as much as they want.

Four Steps

My claim is how technology affects the human species positively. I provided evidence, for example the Anthrax shot is given to individuals in the military before deployment to prevent them from getting the Anthrax disease. Providing such medicine, the fighting force will be healthy and ready to take on missions. My reasons are to make people understand that technology provides us with newer and more stable products. It also helps the medical world find new cures for disease and helps create vaccines for any disease that is considered deadly to the population. Over all technology provides the human species with great information that has evolved our species for the better.

Six Steps

Technology has not only provided the human species with positive outcomes, but it has its negative outcomes. Why are these claims not noticed as much? The environment will be altered with the creation of technology, for example factories that spill countless waste into the air, water, and soil causing global warming. Global warming which comes into effect by having polar ice caps melt, causing the sea level to rise. Basically, when there is more warm water in the ocean (because of the ice melt), more solar energy is absorbed by the water, which contributes to a warmer atmosphere. This