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System Analysis of
Smith Consulting
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Contents Abstract 3 System Analysis of Smith Consulting System Documentation 4 Introduction 4 Customer Engagement Approach 4 Software Development Processes and Procedures 4 Quality Assurance Processes and Procedures 6 Testing Procedures 7
Developer Testing 8
Reliability 9
Accuracy 9
Developer Performance Testing 10
Developer Fault Testing 10
User Acceptance Reliability 11
User Acceptance Accuracy 11
User Acceptance Fault Tolerance 11 Test System Infrastructure 15
Hardware/Software Capabilities 15 Formal Program Specifications Format 15 Conclusion 16 Attachments 18

Abstract The LTA (Learning Team A) group has been asked to define,
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Any concerns are immediately made known and the manager will do his or her best to provide more resources to address the problem with minimal effects to the project plan. To ensure that the project is kept within scope, a strict change control process will be used to determine what parts of the project will be able to be changed and when. This can be different for every project; Smith approaches each project plan in a similar fashion, including setting priority, and secondary goals. The stakeholders have the ability to define these goals during the analysis phase as well as a say in the change control process. Primary goals are strictly followed and changes are made to these goals only when the outcome of the project is in jeopardy. Secondary goals are more flexible and their change control process is not as severe; however the process is strictly adhered to. This adherence to the change control process ensures that the project is a success and not dependent on the success or failure of individual parts.
Testing Procedures
For each level of testing that takes place, Smith will develop charts detailing the testing step to be performed, an example of the chart is shown in example 1. This chart includes sections to identify what is being tested (Actor), what is being done (Action) and a description of the testing task. In addition, a secondary chart will be provided that details each step to be performed to


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