FRAM and SONY Case study

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(Throughout the assignment I have referred to the staff mainly as salespeople and counter staff to correspond with the case study. Each quote or extract from academic journals are numbered and relate to the reference list at the back)
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1)The sales manager’s (at FRAM oil filters) key objective is to provide his or her salespeople with the skills and traits that will push FRAM products through the distribution channels at a faster rate and larger scale, skills that will encourage distributors to stock FRAM products and buy extra amounts. In order for a sales manager to achieve this objective, he or she must look at ways that will motivate their sales people through theoretical solutions devised by experts
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If an employee of an organisation is promised a company car, a rise in their salary or in this case, the chance to receive expensive SONY products, that member of staff (counter staff) will obviously motivate themselves and strive to do well for that organisation. Abraham Maslow put forward a theory which consisted of five levels of human needs, upon fulfilment will motivate a member of the counter staff. These human needs were portrayed in the form of a hierarchy. It worked in a way that when only a lower level of need had been fully met, would a sales person be motivated by the chance of having the next need up in the hierarchy satisfied. [5] When these needs are fulfilled, safety needs become preponderant and important determinants of behaviour. When these are satisfied, belongingness becomes important- and so on up the hierarchy. FRAM’s aim was to motivate counter staff at the distributors to recommend their products as opposed to competing products. If I apply Maslow’s hierarchy to the counter staff I can see how the incentive scheme addresses their needs. Being a member of a firms counter staff may not come with a very high salary but a salary nonetheless and this would contribute to physiological needs(food, clothing etc). Also as the automotive distributors are joining up with FRAM, the success of the incentive scheme would assure the counter staff of job security as their distribution company positively availed of the partnership