Extraction and Evaporation. Separating the Components of “Panacetin”

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Subject:Experiment # 2: Extraction and Evaporation. Separating the Components of “Panacetin”

Introduction: The problem proposed in the experiment is an unknown ingredient found in generic Panacetin tablets that must be discovered. Panacetin tablets are known to contain aspirin, acetaminophen, and sucrose; therefore, the tablets tested, containing aspirin and sucrose, are thought to contain an unknown of something similar to that of acetaminophen such as acetanilide or phenacetin. Another problem trying to be sought out in the experiments is whether or not the composition of Panacetin as stated on the label is accurate. The experiment involved the separation of the unknown from the Panacetin by first isolating the sucrose and the
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Finding the percent of the ingredients in the Panacetin. 0.4 g Sucrose recovered X 100 = 12% 3.01 g Panacetin

|Substance |% in Panacetin |
|Sucrose |12% |
|Aspirin |28% |
|Unknown |68% |

2. Finding the amount of boiling water needed to dissolve the unknown.

Acetanilide: 100 mL water X 2.05 g Unknown recovered = 41 mL 5.0 g Acetanilide * 5.0 grams of Acetanilide is the solubility in 100 mL of water

Phenacetin: 100 mL water X 2.05 g Unknown recovered=168 mL 1.22 g Phenacetin

3. Finding the


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