A Character Analysis John Proctor

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A Character Analysis of John Proctor In order to maintain one’s dignity, one must assume the responsibility for one’s actions whatever the outcome. In Arthur Miller’s play “ The Crucible,” John Proctor is a flawed character at the beginning of the play, but by the end he redeems himself and pays the ultimate price because he chooses to act by striving to uphold justice for his wife, his friends and himself.
The righteous nature of John Proctor to always seek the truth and denounce those who abuse their given powers is evident as he exposes the corruption that existed in Salem. Proctor exposes that the girls were only acting as if they were possessed by the devil and witchcraft. Unlike many within Salem, Proctor does not see the value of
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He had an heir of arrogance about his personality at the beginning which seemingly disappears towards the end of the play, making his character more likeable. He almost succumbs, even signing a written confession. His immense pride and fear of public opinion compelled him into withhold his adultery for the towns people of Salem, but by the end of the play he is more concerned with his personal integrity than his public reputation. He also did not wish to blacken anybody else’s name when he was about to confess to carrying out the work of the devil. Proctor would only ever speak of his own sins and argued the he “cannot judge another.” (Miller 131) Such was the case when he refused to sign the confession paper to the door of the church.” You will not use me! I am no Sarah Good or Tituba, I am John Proctor! It is no part of salvation that you should use me!”(Miller 132) He did not want to soil his name either, even if it meant he had to die for it as a result. He proclaims that such integrity will bring him to heaven. His honesty and selflessness at the end of this play are the attributes that make him a


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