Personal Statement

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Personal Statement

I believe education is a powerful and important asset to human development. Society depends on the education of our youth today and also on trying to educate students to be responsible and considerate to others. Teachers today are faced with teaching children to understand who they are in themselves and in society. An individual's development is based on their education through out their childhood. Education is the challenge to give a firm foundation for future growth. Knowing how to be an affective teacher, where the students can understand and learn is the most significant factor of being a teacher.
Education is one of the most important values in a person's life. It shapes many of our choices, attitudes and
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I understand that I will need to interact with my students in a skillful manner in order to be an effective teacher. I believe that the experience I have developed over the years will enable me to become a successful teacher.
Education should be a fun learning experience for children. If they have one bad experience they could turn away from the whole schooling process. That is why as a teacher I want to challenge the children with fun learning activities. I want to be able to identify with them and tell them stories of how crucial and valuable learning is. I want to stress to them that everyone goes through it and the outcome could be anything you put your mind to.
I have decided to make a change in my life while making a difference in the lives of the children. I have a desire to learn how to become an effective teacher, and I am very eager to learn and train. As I look toward my future in teaching, I am confident my experience and desire to make a difference in the lives of children will enable me to succeed and be a valuable asset to the public school


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