Exectutive Summary Learning Lab Denmark Experience

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The Learning Lab Denmark Experience

Created in January 2001, the Learning Lab Denmark Experience (LLD) is a research institution, initially funded by the Danish Government, with the mission of doing "cutting edge research in the areas of learning, knowledge creation and competence development" .
LLD encompasses six consortia, focused on research in practical and theoretical fields, a secretariat that oversees daily operations and a board of directors. The organization is affiliated with the Danish Pedagogical University (DPU), which administers its finances and charges LLD a percentage of its revenues.
LLD aims to by different from other public organizations, traditionally slow unprofessional and bureaucratic.

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Since LLD accounts to and relies on many outsiders, the organization needs scan the external environment to be able to set a clear direction. A good knowledge of the different stakeholders and of salient environmental trends en events will enable the managers to implement efficient and legitimate goals.
Since the current aspects of common culture are ambiguous, it is important to create more symbols, stories and role models, to give a concrete appearance to LLD identity.
To successfully manage the empowerment of employees at all level, it is necessary to start by understanding the bottom employees' needs. Since the highly specialized researchers suffer from a lack of clear guidelines to help them to choose among several alternatives, it is important to teach them skills of self-management . In order to increase the efficiency and synergies among the organization, the managers also need to encourage team-working.
As for the strategic control system, it is necessary to implement behavioural indicators and to couple the control system with a reward system to reward employees who promote synergies in their work and follow the organizational culture. At a business-level of strategic control, it is also necessary to ask experts to identify crucial elements of intricate decisions.

This action plan will enable LLD to be a