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Student Name: Jih Hung(Ryan) Kung
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Word Count: 614(part i ) and 249(part ii)
Part (i) Word Reflection
What do you believe?/ What is your opinion?
Euthanasia is not wrong. Euthanasia can be a morally correct under appropriate supervision.

What about the terms/definitions? Are they clear? What kind of problems or ambiguities arise here?
The term Euthanasia is known by most ordinary people as it is a famous issue that still remain debatable. There should not be any problem understanding the argument of euthanasia is not wrong. Except the level of acceptance of Euthanasia the argument is trying to convey. The words "morally correct" and "supervision" in the claim are not defined clearly here which may create
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For third claim,
Third claim is evidenced by the fact that in most cases of Euthanasia, it is demand by relatives or patient for the purpose of relief, which does not harm anyone else but simply a relief for patient and comfort for relatives.

Do you think your reasons are good ones? Could you make your argument stronger?
Yes, I think the reasons are good and it is possible to enhance the arguments. This can be done through increasing reasons for human rights of dying, giving practical examples such as freeing up scarce health resources allowing further medical research..etc

Part (ii) Standardise Argument
C. Euthanasia is not wrong

1. It is economic wise for Euthanasia to exist 1.1 Medical resources are scarce and expensive 1.2 Keeping hopeless patients who are unable to survive is costly
1.3 Using medical resources on more research rather than saving hopeless patients benefit more people

2. There may be treatment to survive but patients do not want them 2.1 The treatments may be horrifying
2.1.1 going through surgeries and experimental programs consist of high uncertainty and may end more painful to live.
2.2 Some patients do not want to become a financial burden to their family, which, dying may be a cheaper option
2.2.1 medical costs are very expensive, it is proportional to the severity of illness. In the case where illness is severe, the risk of dying is very


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