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suicide * agent responsible for death


* a second person responsible for person dying

assisted suicide * person dying is the agent respelled for death

* second person gives access to the person dying




1) Right to self Determination

Calahan: Self Determination and Mercy of Others. (It’s a social act, you can claim it’s a murder.) Aiding someone to die, is the new category of killing

***Believes that assisting someone in dying is supposedly a new category of an acceptable killing and he doesn’t think so

People think that helping someone die is not acceptable

Only 3 ways to take someone’s life:
1. self defense
2. in war war
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Preserving life
2. Preventing suicide
3. Protecting innocent thrird parties
4. Maintaing mecial professional standard



Jeffrey Reiman

Argues that just because we have the right to punish, doesn't mean we have the duty to impose punishment.

In which just because Missy has been sentenced to capital punishment, it is not out duty to prolong her pain and suffering by living.


Punishment is Necessary to deter Crime, Violation of this right in another person, forfeits ones right to life. (Anti Death Penalty)

Missy may have killed her boyfriend, therefore the violation of her boyfriend life forfeits Missy’s right to live. But Bedau argues that terminating Missy with the death penalty is more costly than incarceration. It is more expensive to terminate Missy for all the legal and death fees that must be paid, killing of an innocent with unjust torture, death penalties are applied unfairly, assumes desire for applied system of punishment. After all, deterrence from death penalty does not always work to existing murderers.


Furman VS. Georgia


Van Den Haag

Defensible from the standpoint of deterrence, equality seems more less important than justice.

Justice>Equality, Justice requires as many guilty as possible.

According to the fact that Missy is being accused of being


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