Analysis by Using The Aristotle's Sex Elements

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Elinor Fuchs sees the play as a world that passes in front of the critic in ‘time and space’; one that has elements that must be understood (Fuchs, 2004, p 6). These elements closely resembles Aristotle’s six elements of a play- plot, character, thought, diction, music and spectacle- elements that are clearly identifiable in Oscar Wilde’s 1895 play ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’.
The play is divided into three scenes; acts as the author chooses to refer to them. The scene of these actions is three different places: 1) a flat on a London city street- Algernon Moncrieff’s living quarters; 2) a manor house garden in Woolton where Mr. John Worthing, J.P and his charge Cecily Cardew live; 3) and the drawing room at the Woolton manor house,
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This is a caustic social comment that shows that those who are expected to know do not know much.
The play has adopted a bantering yet sarcastic style that is very amusing. When the characters speak the sentences are short and not long-drawn, making the play very conversational. There is no preachy speech. The playwright juxtaposes situations in a very effective manner- the reference to the romance between Gwendolen and Jack is notable when… Sarcasm is very effectively used especially in the first scene. When Worthing says that in the country one amuses others Algernon is not impressed and responds with the sarcastic comment- ‘How immensely you must amuse them!’. Names to most of the places referred to are chosen for their musicality. The scene of the second and third act is Woolton. The suggestion of wool as warm somehow naturally blends into the scene and it is no wonder this is where the issues raised in the play are resolved. It is at woolton where Worthing and Cicely, two people who needed nurturing were nurtured; Worthing had no parents since he was a foundling while Cicely was an orphan who is brought up by her father’s former charge. Algernon lived on Half Moon Street. The moon is a symbol of love, albeit cold love. This is where the frustrations of love are played out. It is here that Gwendolen nearly looses Worthing even as it was here that she found him. It is here that Cicely’s love for the mysterious Earnest, who was Worthing’s ‘brother’


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