Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited

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Collaboration Systems at Isuzu Australia Limited
By: Christopher Folz Jr.
Instructor: Nancy Romero
Management Information Systems

Some companies try to implement new ideas and ways to increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace. This is a great idea for companies to increase the output of the product or service they are performing for the consumers. However, not everything goes so well when implementing new ideas. There are hardships that need to be overcome, the costs of implementing a new system can be overwhelming at first, and many others. I will describe to you some of the hardships of adding new groupware to a system that is already in place. Also have you ever wondered what a wiki does or what it could do
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So a dashboard contains many items that include scorecards. A way that Isuzu Australia Limited can use a scorecard is to get a group of people to do one to see their opinions on how people think of the new systems and have it written in excel and turned into a graph form to get a percentage and visual of happiness and morale. Also they can take the collective whole and put them together making a dashboard and getting the overall scale of it. A wiki is a web page that can be viewed and modified by anybody with a web browser and access to the internet. This means that any visitor to the wiki can change the contents inside of it to what they desire it to be. The benefits of this is it allows for asynchronous communications and group collaboration across the internet. They can incorporate sounds movies and pictures into it as well. Isuzu Australia Limited can use a wiki to create a group wide training session on the new groupware that was implemented to increase the speed and allow workers to do the training at home. Also they could create a wiki on an intranet allowing them to keep it in the company workers and have it post upcoming events and hold links to items that could help a worker. For example I have an intranet wiki that allows us to see any upcoming events in my workplace and hold links to sites that could help us in case of an emergency or if we are


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