Environmental Conservation

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Energy Conservation
Jessica Goode
Axia College of University of Phoenix

We all use energy each and every day. We use energy for entertainment, cooking, transportation, lighting, heating, cooling, manufacturing, as well as many other things. According to the Webster Dictionary (2009), energy is defined as just being active. If that is truly the case, then anytime we are doing anything we are being active and using up energy. Shouldn't we try to conserve more energy if that is the case? According to the Business Dictionary (2007), energy conservation is the reduction in the consumption of natural resources by any individual, society, organization, or the economy as a whole. It is the elimination of waste being put back into the Earth
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For the next six months to one year, budgeting needs to be made. We will create a budget by requesting donations from the public, local churches and charities, and the government. After we have created a budget, we will need to develop programs to educate people on conserving energy. These programs will consist of training, school courses, hot lines, and web sites for anyone who has questions. I propose that developing these programs will take about three months. The last part of my plan will be ongoing. It will be to educate everyone. We will educate through schools, media, neighborhoods, organizations, and the workplace. The benefits from my plan are that hopefully more people will begin to realize what a using non-renewable energy resource does to our environment. Hopefully more people will begin to see the benefits of being energy safe and will switch over to the more energy efficient products. The challenges from my plan are retaining enough funds to develop the programs and educate everyone about being energy efficient. Another challenge in getting everyone to change their current ways when it comes to consuming energy; getting enough people to care. "If energy use is not visible and measured, then there will be no improvement" (Robin Kent, 2009). The support needed by the government and society is contributing the funds to the research and developmental


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