Bwin Media Plan

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Media Plan For Bwin
BAAMC Media Planning Level I
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Table of Contents Background/Context 3-4 Share of Market 3 Share of Voice 4 Analysis 4-11 Sponsorship 5-6 Press 6-8 TV 8-10 Media Objectives 11-13 Media Plan 13-16 Execution 16-31 Media Flow Chart 16 Propose Budget 17 TV CPT, GRPs, CPP & Rates 17-22 Magazine CPT, GRPs & Rates 23-26 Press CPT, GRPs, Impacts & Rates 27-30 Duplicated Reach 30 Total Budget 31 References 32-33 Appendix 34-36

In this essay I will critically analyse the current media strategy for Bwin, the world’s leading name in online betting and real money gaming (Bwin 2012). I will also look into alternative media needs for the
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This insight helps justify why you have chosen “The Sun” as the majority of their readership fits in with your target audience. Looking at the current market share, it is clear that Bwin could employ other publications in the future to expose a greater percentage of your current universe.

In practice, the application of cross-media can lead to a better reach than single-media campaigns due to cost efficiency considerations where cross- media advertising can maximize productivity of advertising expenditure (Wakolbinger et al 2009). To focus mainly on press advertising may not gain you as much reach to your universe as an integrated, cross media strategy would. For example, Betfair currently run their advertising over multiple media platforms and currently have over double the market share than Bwin have. The Nielsen Digest (2012) indicated that both brands had similar ad spends this year which may indicate that Betfair are benefiting more from a cross media strategy then Bwin are from a single-media campaign.

From findings in The Nielsen Digest (2012), Bwin have spread their ad spend throughout the year to finance weekly ads, meaning that the brand has implemented recency planning. This shows that you have tried to gain a wider reach to your target audience rather than a high frequency. For products that are sold more or less evenly throughout the year, the recency