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Written Task Assignment Writing diary entries from Blanche's point of view about her emotions toward Stanley : A streetcar named desire

Rationale In part 4 of our english course, we study and analyze famous literature works such as Shakespear's "Othello" and Tennessee Williams's "A Streetcar Named Desire". For this written task, we have to choose an imaginative way of exploring an apsect of the material we have studied. In other words, it is a creative assignment regarding an aspect or theme of either "Othello" or "A Streetcar Named Desire".

I have chosen to explore the character of Blanche by writing diary entries in which Blanche begins to be delusional due to
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Am I the only one who sees that she's in danger? Or that her head is way too far into the clouds to see what an animal Stanely is. She's a damnsel in distress, and I have to save her. To save her from the beast.

Like a circulating rumor spreading ever so quickly through the high school corridors, my disgust for Stanley certainy escalates at that speed. Even after that big speech I gave Stella, after telling how awful and, oh so common Stanley really is, she still refuses to listen. What she's feeling is just brutal desire - just desire!- that old tin can which rattles through up and down the street! And my, it's been a long time since I felt it and how dearly do i reminisce. Perhaps Mitch would now be the one to fill this empty hole, lingering in my heart.

Dear diary,
Mitch missed my birthday today... something must be terribly wrong for he did not asnwer my calls. I'm afraid that the truth would come out any moment, and that Stanley will spill the beans, ruining our relationship....

Mitch knows, Stanley must've told him. Oh, he must have told Mitch something about me! How can i face Mitch, face everyone? My image now tainted by the colors of shame. I can't let them know my past for I have been hiding it for so long. No, i can't let get out, not right now...

He must have been to Laurel-to the Flamingo! Oh what have I done to deserve this? After all I have suffered for Belle reve, all I have sacrificed to fill