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Over the past decades, Globalization had made the world a much smaller place. In the passage While I was Sleeping by Thomas L Freidman and The Rise of the Rest by Fareed Zakaria, there is a connection between the two passage. Thomas L. Freidman use the metaphor "the world is flat" which mean there are many competition in the world now. Fareed Zakaria address the U.S power is diminishing because the rest of the world is catching up. Along with the diminishing power, America is also outsourcing jobs to other nations where labor are cheap, and abundant of natural resource are available for use, but it is taking jobs away from many American. First of all, let’s address about Thomas L. Friedman's experience during his
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Globalization has lead America outsourcing to nation where labors are cheap and large amount of natural resource are ready to be use. Zakaria state "oh my God, there are so many of them, and they just keep coming, wave after wave. How in the world can it possibly be good for my daughters and millions of other Americans that these Indians can do the same jobs as they can for a fraction of the wages" (Zakaria, 618). He address the possibility of American in danger because CEO are now taking jobs overseas, and leave million of American unemployed. Globalization made is easy for corporation to take their facility elsewhere because they want to maximize profit. It is true, and a great example of that is Apple. Their manufacture facility is in China where worker work for 10 15 hours a day for just a fraction of salary compare to American's wage. The worst part about this is CEO is doing it, and they are keeping quiet about this. They don't want American to know they are outsourcing American's job to maximize profit. This issue occasionally brought on the news once in awhile, and the reason could be CEO have connection with major news channel where they work together to keep it as quiet as possible. In addition, people are debating whether U.S will still be the world most powerful nation. Through WWI, WWII, and Cold War, America had emerge as the dominant force but overtime the power have shifted. According to


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