Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes

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Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes
Debra K. Showers
Kaplan University

Elderly Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes Are nursing homes abusing and neglecting the elderly? The elderly are abused and neglected in society today by caregivers in nursing homes. Elder abuse or neglect is a single or repeated action occurring within any relationship where there is an overlook of trust which causes injury or distress to an older person. The elderly are our foundation and our youth are the building blocks to our nation. Some elderly have no medical problems, some are autistic, and many are handicapped. Nursing homes are a place where the elderly can live when
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In other words the elderly are living longer than the youth of today. I have to agree with them that the elderly are learning to take better care and that will live longer than a Hundred (100) years old.
Phelan, A This article discusses how the elderly are abused and how they are disregarded as a citizen just because they grow old and have different attitudes about life than the younger generations. It discusses how the elderly are said to be difficult due to how they are used to doing things in their life time. It also compares Elder abuse to child abuse. Child abuse is treated as more severe than the elderly abuse because children do not have the ability to know right from wrong. The method that was used to determine how severe the elderly abuse is as opposed to child abuse was a study in an attempt to compute the problem of “elder abuse in society, studies have indicated 2–6% (O’Malley, Segars and Perez 1979; Pillemer and Finkelhor 1988; O’Keeffe et al. 2007) prevalence in the community environment while a major study in the USA estimates an incidence of 1.6% (National Center on Elder Abuse 1998” (Phelan, 2008). The results of the questionnaire were 5.3 % of elder abuse goes unreported because they are afraid to report their children or spouse to social services or the police. An absence of clearness is present as to what should and should not be included in the classification of elder abuse. We have


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