Slavery in the North Failed Because of Its Economic Structure

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Introduction: Slavery was a disgraceful part of our history for many years. Its start grew from a need for a labor source in the new and growing America. The Southern economy thrived from slave labor whereas the North did not rely on the labor of slaves. This paper will prove that slavery failed in the North because in the North there was no need for large labor to support the economic structure compared to the South where slavery was needed to support their economy. There are three main points that will be used to support this. They are; Northern industry and Southern industry were very different, the slave population was smaller in the North because of the different economy in the North, and the smaller slave population and less …show more content…

Immigrants came to America in search of religious and economic freedom. Number of immigrants to Northern cities were larger than in the South. The total number of immigrants that came to American ports from 1846-1855 was 796,000. Sixty-eight-percent of these immigrants came to New York City. There were 553,000 immigrants to New York City, 55,000 to Boston, 32,000 to Philadelphia, 23,000 to Baltimore and 94,000 to New Orleans (Immigrants Entering American Ports) . These ports and cities drew immigrants because there were more job opportunities. Due to this surplus in laborers, there was less of a need for slaves. It made more sense to pay immigrants than to have to feed and house the workers (Bankston & Hidalgo, 2006) . Slavery was smaller in the North because slave laborer was not a necessity. African Americans played different roles in the North, they were treated differently by whites and free African Americans and immigration in the North played a role in the lack of need for slavery.
The smaller slave population and less need for slavery in the North led the North to abolish slavery before the South: It was easier for the North to


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