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MBA 515
Practice Multiple Choice Questions
1. If the price of automobiles were to increase substantially, the demand curve for gasoline would most likely
A) shift leftward.
B) shift rightward.
C) remain unchanged.
D) become steeper.
2. Recently, many cities have attempted to pass laws taxing the sale of sugary drinks such as soda pop. If one of these laws passes, we would expect
A) the supply curve for soda pop to shift to the right.
B) the supply curve for soda pop to become more vertical.
C) the demand curve for soda pop to shift to the right.
D) the demand curve for soda pop to shift to the left.
3. As the price of a good increases, the change in the quantity demanded can be shown by
A) shifting the demand curve leftward.
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C) The budget line shifts inward without a change in slope.
D) The budget line shifts outward without a change in slope.

21. The above figure shows Bobby's indifference map for juice and snacks. Also shown are three budget lines resulting from different prices for snacks assuming he has $20 to spend on these goods. Which of the following points are on Bobby's price-consumption curve?
A) 10 snacks and 20 juices
B) 10 snacks and 0 juices
C) 10 snacks and 5 juices
D) 10 snacks and 15 juices

22. With respect to production, the short run is best defined as a time period
A) lasting about six months.
B) lasting about two years.
C) in which all inputs are fixed.
D) in which at least one input is fixed.

23. The Marginal Product of Labor is
A) the change in total product resulting from an extra unit of labor, holding other factors constant. B) the ratio of output to the number of workers used to produce that output.
C) the amount of output that can be produced by a given amount of labor.
D) equal to the marginal product of labor when the average product is increasing.

24. Elaine is the only employee of her sole proprietorship. She is entertaining the idea of hiring an additional employee. She knows that on her own she can produce 100 units per day. Jennifer figures that Applicant A will help her produce 175 units per day whereas Applicant B will help her produce 155 units per day. Which of the following


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