Probation and Punishment Final

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Probation and Punishment
Xavian Deniz
Introduction to Criminal Justice
Prof. Robert Hammes

Law and order are two words that keep our society from collapsing on its self. We the American people have our freedom to do what ever we want; we can purse any career, go down to your favorite restaurant and order whatever you want. We have these freedoms because people fought for them many years ago, so that we wouldn’t be under rule or dictatorship. Many people take our freedom for granted and end up on probation, in jail, or prison. In this paper I will be outlining the case of Kris, and his probation officer’s view. I will also develop a profile for a perfect candidate to participate in an intensive supervised probation
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Someone who has repeatedly broken the law and has been served probation already should not have a chance at it again.
In regards to prisoner matching to correctional facility, I would have to defend it. Not all crimes are the same as I said before. So why would you let a murder serve his time in a low security prison where there is more of an opportunity to commit crime? Matching prisoners to correctional facilities would benefit the community and their peace of mind. For example there was a prison break from a low security facility involving a convicted murderer, sex offender, and armed robber (Silva 2014). All violent crimes that landed them in a low security facility, which resulted in a man hunt throughout the town of Rockhampton. In regards to the programs geared toward prisoners, in my opinion they are effective, but to a certain extent. It’s true that taxpayers contribute to the programs and amenities for our prisoners, but they forget that it is for a good cause. The purpose of jail is to rehabilitate these offenders so that they become an active member of society and contribute in some form. While serving their time, inmates have options to further education, work honest labor that can lead to real jobs or certifications. So why would we take away these programs, if we’re benefiting society? We want inmates to become productive so that we reach a positive outcome with their lives.

In conclusion we talked about the


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