Economic Impact of Immigration

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Have you ever really considered just how important all of the factors involved in bringing a salad to the table at your favorite restaurant? If you have not, it is important that you read this paper to understand the impact that immigrated persons have on the population, jobs, wages, services, and ultimately the economy of California. Not to mention the intricate tie the economy has to one of California’s biggest commerces; agriculture. The intention of this paper is to discuss and investigate the impact of immigrated persons on the economy of California and a look at both sides of of the argument about what could happen without a constant level maintained of immigrated persons to keep the California economy moving. Without the …show more content…

The study indicated that over 10 billion dollars is spent annually for human services in support of immigrants. The study also indicates the California has an addiction to cheap labor and which is affecting the economy adversely, by in effect causing the middle income tax base of workers to decrease. The study did not specify where the data came from nor was specific data provided to support the findings. In a recent article originating in the LA times there is a very recent push in support of a proposal set forth by San Diego political activist Ted Hilton. The proposal follows Proposition 187 that was intended to bar illegal immigrants from public benefits and was found to be unconstitutional is being backed by Barbara Coe one of the original developers of Proposition 187, quoted in the LA Times article, Barbara states. “We will be out in full force to qualify this initiative [for the June 2010 ballot]………Illegals and their children are costing the state billions of dollars. It's invasion by birth canal.” The major reason for the decision in opposition to allowing the implementation of Proposition 187 is what is written into the 14th Amendment to the Constitution says "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside." Supporters of the newest proposal feel that Illegal


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