Romano Pitesti

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In the Romano Pitesti case, Tickton-Jones’ Management Team is faced with a situation that is not altogether uncommon in the business world, in that some employees feel that members of the Sales staff are being given “special” treatment by the company. Romano’s actions have probably not been as bad as what has been described to Management, but due to the fact that employees are still trying to find their place in the new, combined company, any hint of “unfairness” is immediately put under a microscope by other employees, and therefore, Management will have to take some sort of action, in order to show the other employees that their concerns are being taken seriously. In this particular instance, employee awareness of how others may or …show more content…

While going through these expectations with Romano it may become clear to management why Romano is acting the way he is. Perhaps the change in pay structure or culture is causing Romano’s actions. Our second recommendation would be for management to take a broad look at the acquisition and determine if other organizational changes need to be made. We are told that prior to acquiring Samuel Jones, David Courtney had been a field sales manager. Perhaps David is not the best manager for Romano or for the other salespeople reporting to him. Management may also learn that the sales tactics required to sell the Samuel Jones products is different from the current structure at Tickton-Jones, and may require the firm to separate the two divisions, and have them operate under two different sets of rules. Our final recommendation would be for management to have a company-wide meeting regarding the current status of the acquisition. We would suggest that some of the complaints received be discussed in a broad sense without specifically pointing fingers at Romano or the employees who made those complaints. This would allow time for both management and the employees to have an open discussion regarding the current status of operations at Tickton-Jones. This would also show those employees complaining about Romano that certain items are being addressed. The “Romano Pitesti Situation”, when viewed in a vacuum, would seem to be


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