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Supporting children’s learning environment

Part 1

E100 Ethical Statement

I confirm that in this assignment I have only used material drawn from the setting identified on my employers Permission Agreement Form.

In this assignment I have adhered to the E100 ethical guidance by:

• Changing all names within the assignment (the setting, children, parents and colleagues) so that the individuals cannot be identified.

• Sending out a letter informing parents about my studies and providing them with the opportunity to ask any questions about what I was doing.

• Explaining to parents why I wanted to observe their child for particular activities and gaining their informed consent.

• Explaining to children what
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Within my setting, we try to balance the extent to which children chose their resources to that of adults, as some resources can be repeatedly accessed by particular children and can lead to areas of learning being impaired, impacting on them learning and developing holistically.

The importance of providing an enabling environment that promotes learning opportunities is vital in developing a child holistically. The four themes of the non-statutory EYFS (Early education/DfE.2012.Pg 2) underpin the principles at the forefront of our practice. That is, for a child to be able to learn and develop, they need to have their interests and needs meet. This is achieved by forming positive relationships alongside their peers and adults in an enabling environment full of rich learning opportunities to play whilst being sensitively supported. In my planning, I can provide resources to scaffold upon children’s existing knowledge and skills, allowing them to rehearse and practice so developing their confident to become independent learners for the future.

Working with parents also provides a platform for resources chosen. Child’s interest at home can be integrated into planning to support areas that I don’t necessary see in the setting and bring another dimension to what is chosen and how it is used. (KU1)

Time, space and staff are also considered in how, when and where our resources are deployed and used (ST10,P99). At present, we have a child that requires