A seat in the Garden

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I’m not the Indian you had in mind; a video that was written and directed by Thomas King challenges the stereotypical image that America has towards Native Americans. King is also the author of a short novel “A seat in the Garden”. This short story also challenges the established perspective that American society has towards the Native Americans. There are various stereotypes and perspectives that a majority of the public has toward a particular group. For example some of the common stereo types that are seen throughout the media are that all Asians are good at math, women are primarily sex objects, All Africans like fried chicken, and all Mexicans are gangsters. These stereo types are not completely true for an entire group, yet they …show more content…

Red and Joe are conversing with the Indians when they mention how hot the weather is and one of the Indians offers Red and Joe a drink. “You fellows like a drink” says one of the Indians and Red responds “no thanks” and offers them a beer. When the third Indian says they drink “lemon water… my wife makes it without any sugar so it’s not as sweet as most people like.” Through this statement the Indians overthrow the ideology that Red and Joe had about the Indians being winos, because rather than drinking “Lysol” as they referred to it there was lemon water in their bottles. They told the Indians the situation that they had with the Indian in Joe’s garden and asked for their help and the Indians agree. They point over to Joe’s house and ask if they can see the Indian, yet the three Indians who are crushing cans can’t see a big Indian in Joe’s garden. It’s clear that none of the Indians can see the big Indian standing in the garden the only ones who see this big Indian are Joe and Red. Red then asked “if you woke up one day and found a big Indian standing in your cornfield and all he would say was ‘if you built it they will come’ what would you do?” and one of the Indians replied “ I’d stop drinking” suggesting a joke, as the other two Indians covered their faces. The Indians begin to go along with Joe’s story about the Indian in his garden even though they don’t see any one. The Indians


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