Diagnostic/Prescriptive/Evaluative (Dpe)

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Assisting individuals with intellectual disabilities reach, their individual goals can be accomplished by using the diagnostic/prescriptive/evaluative (DPE) instructional educational process. The reporter met with and observed Ms. D in her alternative academic classroom. She has several students receiving services as students with intellectual disabilities. The reporter reviewed two IEP’s and information has been included that represents a very informal discussion with Ms. D in which she provided information regarding diagnosis/prescription/evaluation and analyses of goal instruction including the implementation and development of goal instruction for students. Also the role that such procedures play in the daily class. In …show more content…

To build communication and pre writing skills a new goal and objective to use “I want” statements will be added. (11/2011)
1. During observation, the reporter did view the student working with the teacher on this objective.
Mathematics: XXXXX can match number to number (i.e. 1-1) 80% of the time. He can match shapes 3 out of 4 shapes (circle, triangle, square) with 80% accuracy, and he matches rectangle objects under square. He can match 11 colors with 100% accuracy. He can sort by shape and color with 80% accuracy. (FIE 2011) XXXXX cannot identify coins and he does not know the value of each coin. (Teacher observations)
2. During classroom observation this skill was monitored by the Para –professional, the student was working on a task box with a file folder that matched each coin to a picture paired with the name and value of each coin.
Transition/Independent: At the beginning of 2011 school year, XXXXX required a physical prompt to return to the worktable after a break. (8/2011) As of 10/2011 XXXXX ends his break when the staff gives him a verbal prompt/ cue such as “ break is finished, time to work” (FIE 2011, and teacher observations).
3. Observed during observation
Sensory/Motor: He is able to use utensils to eat and opens and closes containers. XXXXX is able to drink from a cup and open his juice box by pushing the straw in the container independently. He can wash and dry his hands in 4/6 opportunities.


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