Depth Analysis of a Movie – "Chicago"

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Analyzing The Entire Film – "Chicago" (2002) Understanding movies comes from describing and analyzing the cinematic, theatrical, and literary elements that combine to create meaning. These steps create a basic understanding of the artistic and technical elements found in moviemaking. In addition, the major characteristics of different film genres and classic movies will be analyzed. The purpose of this paper is analyzing the Academy Award winning film Chicago. This paper will describe the six steps that a person should think about when watching a movie. These steps include, (1) analysis of the narrative: story, plot and meaning; (2) theatrical elements, (3) cinematography, (4) editing, (5) sound and the (6) complete package.
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Roxie would not have been able to afford the lawyer without her husband Amos and his financial help. Roxie could not win her case without the help of the big attorney Billy Flynn. Billy Flynn would have not been a big attorney without the help of the murder cases that he took on and won without the help of the media. Once Velma Kelly saw the ambition of Roxie and knew that Roxie loved show business as much as she loved show business, she began to realize that Roxie was a good performer. Velma could not help but team with Roxie and the result of the two of them teaming up their show was a huge success. They ladies were not able to make it alone, but together they were able to accomplish it all. The film was more of a musical than a movie. The movie had a lot of crimes, sexual content, betrayal, unity, along with singing and dancing. Additionally, the movie lets the viewer see that the least person is the person who comes to a person aid and becomes a close friend. This was proven with the friendship of Velma and Roxie. Two different women from different walks of life came together and made an awesome duo that swept Chicago. The point of the movie is that it's hard to be successful on by oneself. People need help from family and friends. . The movie was meaningful. The movie showed a lot of drama and was entertaining. The movie shows reality in a musical sense of show business and life in general.
Analysis of Theatrical Elements
The setting


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