The Blind Side Synthesised with Peter Skyznecki

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John Lee Hancock’s “The Blind Side” explores a diverse range of aspects and notions of belonging through the techniques presented in the text. The characterization of the central character Michael Ohers being a big illiterate black African American teenager coming from a broken home and family sets the context for the rest of the film where he is faced with many barriers restricting his comfort and pushing him towards his total disengagement from the “White” Society. After the Touhy’s accept Michael into their home, he begins his long path transitioning from the old “Big Mike” to the new Michael Ohers. The barriers that Michael is faced with include the school he goes to and the environment he is residing in being a new experience to him …show more content…

Both Texts depict barriers that may be faced but if are confronted can forge a person’s identity even though these barriers restrict the central characters from belonging at that current time. Both “The Blind Side” and “St Patrick’s College” describe the two central characters being Michael Oher and Peter Skryznecki not belonging to the environment they are introduced to either through migration from another country or because of their skin colour or socioeconomic status. In Peter Skryznecki’s poem “St Patrick College” peter recognises that he does not fit into the society and environment he was confronted with for eight years shown in the quote “like a tourist” this emphasises peters lack of belonging to the area and bus he caught everyday for eight years and had troubles adapting and accustoming himself to the barriers he was faced with because he was a migrant. Similarly in the film “The Blind Side” Michael Oher also feels that he does not fit into the society and environment he was confront with when he moved into the “white” neighbourhood and attended the “white” school this isolation and segregation of feeling like he wasn’t a part of them because he was “black” acted as a major barrier for Michael to excel at what he was talented at, but once Michael learnt to not pay so much attention to the factors challenging him from excelling and started to feel a lot more part of the group which is depicted well when the football coach