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Ad analysis When people get older, their skin starts to become soft, flabby, wrinkly, saggy and dull. Knowing this, cosmetic companies want to find more and more of cosmetics for their customers. Olay is one of those companies. "Your skin is not getting older. It is just tired" (Olay ad). Olay's maxim. With that maxim, Olay introduced their new product is Olay Regenerist to help fight against the anti-aging, help improve facial muscle and help women confident when they go out. Women, want to have good skin and look nicely in front of anybody. From clothes, make up, shoes, high heel: women want everything to make them prettier. Not only that, they also can try anything to make their skin look nice. But do they know about the structure …show more content…

Olay uses black for the background to as a floating their design. Black like thi night and white like day, with this design Olay wants to let us know the Olay Regenerist has essences anti-aging concentrate is specially formulated to work day and night. Essences anti-aging concentrate is specially formulated to work day and night to reduce wrinkles and deep grooves. Three enzymes that help recreate the recovery of sun damage. The chain amino acids promote the production of natural collagen and maintain.With this sign, Olay promote Olay Regenerist is really work every time and their also promotes about with their product can make women more prettier. Olay were not focus only on the color, the designer had really good ideal to put a lady face under the letters. Anti-aging cream helps transform high skin a wonderful way, helps improve skin texture beautifully radiant, toned and shine from within. Advanced technology skin illuminating complex by bringing great performance regardless of age. Like in this ad, this lady under the letters has a great skin, her skin look pretty but the designer want to put her in there because they want to send us a message if women use the Olay Regenerist cream then this cream will take care their skin and make their skin toned and shine from with in like the lady behind the letters. This ad also make me think another way, this lady in this ad has a perfect skin but she still hiding behind the latters. I think they


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