The Stormchasers

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The Stormchasers

There is nothing better than playing around with your father for a whole day. At least that’s how many younger kids would say. The text “The Stormchasers” (2007) is a short story written by Adam Marek. It’s about a father and his son watching the stormy weather outside, when the father thinks they should go out looking for tornadoes. Jakey (his son) is afraid of tornadoes, so it’s comforting that his father will go with him. Jakey’s mum is ill, or at least that’s what Jakey believes, so she is in bed. But during the storm chase, something goes wrong with the mum and when the father and Jakey comes back, their house have been hit by a storm, or what seems to be a storm atleast. The topic is about a father and his son
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Stormchasers are people (mostly in USA), who lives for chasing tornadoes and recording them. They have put all their money and their savings into buying tornado equipment and a car that can take more than normal cars. They invest their entire life into this addiction of tornadoes. In our text Jakey is very interested in tornadoes as well the father is to a certain level. So in some kind of way they are direct stormchasers, but in this text it’s a metaphor. A storm can also be understood as a fight, or something upcoming. In many movies people say, “There is a storm coming”. By this they can mean a war, or a fight. In this text it’s unknown if the storm coming up is a fight between the father and the mum or it is a storm changing Jakeys life by telling him what’s wrong with his mum (her illness).

If there’s a fight about to start between the mum and father then it could be understood as “The Stormchasers” as in the father and Jakey were chasing this argument, by going out hunting for tornadoes. But the father also ends up saying that “Only me and her knew that the story about the dentist was a terrible lie”, so it might be something wrong with the mum that Jakey is not aware of and that’s the storm coming up in his life: knowing that his mum is sick.

The story is told by the father of Jakeys point of view. He is telling the story from a 1st person’s view. The reason why it’s 1st person and not 3rd person, is