Biological Evidence

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Biological Evidence Pedro Brache CJS/215 12/22/2014 Jerry Shoate


Biological Evidence Biological evidence is evidence that can be tested through DNA mapping and other profiling methods. Each specific type of evidence, whether it be saliva sample or semen sample, needs special techniques in acquiring and preserving in order to avoid cross contamination. These types of evidences are cross examined with a suspected person to either exclude them or prosecute them for the crime. In this paper I will discuss the different types of evidence and how it is preserved when it is obtained from a crime scene. Different Types of Evidence A forensic team might encounter different types of evidence at a crime scene. It is on the team to
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Making sure that these tools are sterile is a top priority for a forensic specialist. Cross contamination is one of the incidents that can occur during the transport of evidence. It can also occur when the evidence is repackaged and not done in the correct manner. Other kinds of cross contamination may occur, for example: “For instance, the clothing of the suspect should never be packaged or handled in the same room as that of the victim and the investigators should be able to prove this procedure was followed.” [“Cross Contamination." World of Forensic Science. 2005. Retrieved December 20, 2014 from http://]. It is important to maintain proper control of evidence since prosecutors look at that to use for the benefit of the case. They can argue that the evidence has been tampered with, making it worthless in a case. Precautions DNA samples obtained from a crime scene is very important during an investigation. In order to obtain the highest quality of evidence that can be used in a case, certain precautions must be taken. The typical gloves and masks are always important while collecting any type of liquid-form evidence. Communication becomes key in the handling of all evidence. Especially the first investigator that arrives at the crime scene. Each member of the forensics team and investigators need to collaborate each step of the way.

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