Cyber Warfare

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Cyber Warfare
Autumn Volosin
CIS 450
20 November 2012

Table of Contents
Section 1.1: What is Cyber Warfare?
Section 1.2: Methods of Cyber Warfare Attacks
Section 1.3: Who is targeted by Cyber Warfare?
Section 1.4: How to defend against Cyber Warfare
Section 1.5: Cyber Warfare Companies and Agencies
Section 1.6: Cyber Counterintelligence
Section 1.7: Important situations pertaining to Cyber Warfare
Section 1.8: America versus China Cyber Warfare
Section 1.9: Cyber Warfare around the world
Section 1.10: Cyber Warfare everyday

What is Cyber Warfare? “Cyber warfare is a term used to describe the use of the Internet to wage war in the virtual world, often with real effects in the physical world,” (McGuigan). In the past
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Although such an attack has not yet happened anywhere in the world, if combined with a conventional military attack it could prove catastrophic.
Who is targeted by Cyber Warfare? In the realm of cyber warfare no one and nothing is safe from these attacks. There are three major sectors targeted by most nations involved in cyber warfare. The major sectors are financial, infrastructure, and governmental. Financial attacks could disrupt the world’s major markets by taking down electronically-controlled commodity exchanges, or by shutting down web-based operations of major banks or retailers. Infrastructure attacks can damage a nation by shutting down critical utility systems, such as electrical grids, or by wreaking havoc on others, such as opening dams, or interfering with the air traffic control system. Governmental attacks can shut down the ability of government officials to communicate with one another, steal secret digital communications, or release things like tax information, social security information, or other personal data to the public. Many critical military systems are also susceptible to virtual attacks. As the world becomes more networked, more crucial systems become susceptible to attacks in cyberspace. Although certain military systems remain accessible only by being present at a terminal on site, the vast majority of critical systems


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