Cultural Autobiography

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My Cultural Autobiography
Nancy Domanski

Sir Frances Bacon said, “If a man be gracious to strangers, it shows that he is a citizen of the world, and his heart is no island cut off from other islands, but a continent that joins them,” (Jenkins, 1994). This quote represents all the core values that I cherish and to which I adhere. Personal culture doesn’t have to be linked to a certain country of origin or a specific ethnicity; it can be as simple as a person’s core values. The Southern way of life is a culture all in itself. Growing up south of the Mason-Dixon Line in the United States has instilled in me many values including honesty, integrity and a genuine concern for my fellow man. Most
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I remember a time when someone she hired was in a bad situation at home; she helped her find another place to live, and even babysat for her while she worked at our restaurant. I see how if my mother had just given this lady money, it would not have truly helped her. By offering a way to help herself, she is now in a much better position and less likely to feel sorry for herself and end up in the same situation again. I have the same opinion when it comes to accepting help and offering help to others. If you just give someone in need money alone, it is like you do not really care. The southern way is to care about the person and do what you can to help them now and in their future. That is true caring. When my son was a young teenager, I started having Sunday dinners at my house like my grandparents did when I was young. I started this as a way to meet his friends and keep him around home at least one day a week. I had him invite anyone he wanted to spend time with, no matter who. The only requirement was to bring some food or beverage to share, or at least to help clean up. It was funny to see what his friends brought so they would not have to clean-up. Sometimes my son would be the only one who was stuck cleaning up with me. It became a sort of game to see how the kids could help cook before dinner so they would not have to clean after. We were able to meet many of his friends this way and now some still call me Mom. This is how many of my


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