Crystal Meth Paper

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Before watching the videos on crystal meth I was very uneducated when it came to the drug. After watching the Oprah Winfrey Show and Meth is Death video, it was very easy for me to come to the conclusion that crystal meth is a very intense and addictive drug.
On the Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah describes crystal meth as being the most dangerous drug in America and the biggest problem officers face concerning drugs. She also says crystal meth is not popular with a particular group of people. Rather, it crosses every group. Oprah has a few guests who were addicted to crystal meth and share their addiction experiences. The guests consist of Chantel, Megan, Michelle, and Jay.
Oprah’s first guest is Chantel, a seventeen year old girl addicted
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This made Michelle check into rehab, she has been clean for forty-two days, and her son has been clean for five months. However Michelle says she still craves the drug, and it is obvious she is not quitting crystal meth for herself. She refers to her ex-husband as her best friend and backbone. It is obvious she wants him back and is giving up the drug in hopes that he will get back together with her.
Oprah’s final guest is a man named Jay. Jay is part of the gay community and seemed to have it all with his six-figure income and penthouse. However, Jay was depressed and tried crystal meth. He, like the rest of the guests, was instantly hooked. He lost his home and job, and his family would not accept him back. He thought his life was over so he went to a construction site and instead of jumping he went on a meth-binge. Jay participated in something that was known as bare-backing, where he would sleep with twenty-five to thirty men ino order to contract AIDs. Jay goes by the construction site again and this time jumps. However, he misses the concrete, lands in the sand, and survives. Jay now works with addictions to crystal meth in the gay community.
In the next video, which is titled Meth is Death, four people talk about their experiences and struggles with their addiction to crystal meth. Gerath is in jail for forgery in an attempt to get money for meth. He said he would lie, steal, and cheat for meth. Jeff was meth cooker and described


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