Critical: Qualitative Research

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Nordby,K. Kjonsberg, K. Hummelvoll, J.K.(2009) Relatives of persons with recently discovered serious mental illness: in need of support to become resource persons in treatment and recovery.(Appendix 1). Journal of psychiatric and mental health nursing. 17, 304-311.

The above article will be critiqued using Caldwell, Henshaw and Taylor’s (2005) critiquing framework as a guide (Appendix 1). The intent is to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the research article and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of research methodology.

The title of the above article reflects its contents and is easy to interpret, as Caldwell, Henshaw and Taylor (2005) concur ‘the title should be clear and allow the reader to easily interpret its
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A more logical approach would have been better for selecting a few participants from different areas of the country to interview where this would have given more accurate information about different people.

The data collection method applied in this research was focus interview. According to Parahoo (2007) in qualitative research, flexible strategies are used for the process of data collection. Interviews are the most common used methods of data collection (DiCicco-Bloom and Crabtree 2006) Cited in whiting (2008). The number of participant was from 4 to 10, with different professional background from 8 focus group interviews. The process of focus group consists mainly of the interviewer asking a broad question and inviting participants to volunteer answers, which turn generates further question. When describing the data collection process it should be explained so clearly that the reader has a sense of personally experiencing the event, this is known as descriptive vividness, (Burns and Grove, 2005). When collecting data, it is also important for the researcher to continuously reflect. This implies self-awareness, critical evaluation and self-consciousness of their own role as researchers, as their own values, beliefs and experiences can impinge in the outcome of the data.

The method of data analysis was of a qualitative content; the process that was used as


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