Critical Issue on Psychological Debriefing

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Critical Issue on Psychological Debriefing
Two facts presented by Mitchell of the critical issue (Mitchell, 1983).
• The CISD protocol that Mitchell described was a group process of seven distinct phases. Prior to this Mitchell used a six-stage model (Mitchell, 1983).
• The Society working party on psychological debriefing was given the aim of evaluating the available information and opinions and producing a clear statement on the status of psychological debriefing (Mitchell, 1983)
Two facts presented by Devilly and Cotton on Critical issue Cotton and Devilly, (2003):
• Psychological debriefing is a technique employed by social workers, clinicians, etc in which victims are encouraged to relive traumatic experiences and are warned of
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He furthered stated that Devilly and Cotton rested their arguments involving instances in which the specifics of CISD are not properly applied and do not a specific form of psychological debriefing, has gained widespread acceptance and implementation in the few short years since it was first proposed (Mitchell, 1983). However, there has been recent doubt cast on this practice and confusion regarding the terminology used.
Which side of this critical issue does contemporary research support? Please provide specific examples in your response. The side of this critical issue that support contemporary research was Mitchell and Robinson (2004) because they expressed concerns regarding their recent article on Debriefing (Devilly & Cotton, 2003). Mitchell and Robinson conclude that CISD and CISM are indistinct approaches to trauma and should be treated as synonymous terms CISD until the necessary and sufficient elements of each are fully declared. Furthermore, based upon current evidence, they reticulate that CISD is an ineffective response to critical incidents for individuals, and that organizations need to revise their critical incident response policies to reflect the current weight of scientific evidence. There are currently no reliable studies demonstrating the efficacy of group Debriefing.


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