Conflict Rises from Power

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Conflict is about power; it results from struggles to maintain or gain power

The need for power is a reality of life; to use or abuse, to claim or deny, own or disown. However the struggle many go through to gain that feeling of control and power can lead to inner turmoil and conflict between others and one self. Set in the times of the tragic witch trials The Crucible is a drama that shows power resting on moral, legal and religious dynamics that lead to inner, social and religious conflicts. Marking Time an ABC miniseries explores the inner conflict of Hal as he struggles to maintain his power by being with a group he does not really fit into, it also shows how the youth of society challenge authority which leads to social conflict
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This is one difference to the crucible, changeling or going against authority in the times of the crucible could have you hung and it was hard to get away with it, but in marking time the young people seem to get away with it.

Gaining power, whether it be for revenge or just for the sensation, can make someone commit things that's not usually their set character. Abigail's obsession for John compels her to seek demonic power to get him away from his wife. She is clearly exposed as a bad character in The Crucible she tells lies, influencers other girls and the entire town, and in the end sends nineteen innocent people to their deaths. Miller shows us how much power a sole individual can have when that person defines the ideologies or beliefs by which they live. Abigail was motivated by lustful vengeance, she wanted Proctor back and this made her want power. Proctor clearly not wanting her back "I will cut off my hand before a reach for you again" motivates Abigail in wanting more power. Getting attention is one way Abigail gains power or feels powerful, Miller user's dramatic impact were Abigail goes into hysterical outbursts. The yellow bird incident in the courtroom is a clear example of Abigail user's attention to gain power over the situation. This need for power causes conflict between Abigail and many other character especially


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