Christian Spanish Theology

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Systematic Theology
Manana: Christian Theology From A Hispanic Perspective
Manana: Christian Theology From A Hispanic Perspective examines the basic ideas and concepts of Christian theology through the lens of the Hispanic culture. Justo Gonzalez, who writes the book, is a Cuban immigrant who feels as though the world in which he grew up helps him understand not only the Hispanic culture better, but theology and how it relates to Hispanics. Gonzalez explores different divisions within Christian theology in the book such as Biblical theology, reading the Bible in Spanish, Trinitarian theology, theology of creation, anthropology, Christology, and pneumatology. He draws a great picture and idea of
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Gonzalez feels as though the Hispanics were born out of “an act of violence of cosmic proportions in which our Spanish forefathers raped our Indian foremothers.” He says that they find a lot of similarity to the Israelites, and have identified with them, because of the bloody history of the Hispanics, and the bloody history of the Israelites. I enjoyed the last chapters of the book, which are chapters 6-11, in which Gonzalez turns more towards true theology and states to talk about who God is, his nature, the Trinity, and God’s relationship to the world. Gonzalez not only addresses these topics in 6-11, but also addresses different issues such as Christology, soteriology, and theological anthropology. As I read through these chapters, it was clear that Gonzalez was approaching the Scriptures and theology from a very reformed, fundamental approach, which is sometimes hard for me to deal with, because I definitely have a different lens than he might have. In chapter 7, he goes into detail about the Trinity, and how it relates to Hispanics, and how the church understands it. Gonzalez says the church doctrine of the Trinity can be described in three Greek terms which are ousia, homoousios, and hypostasis. For some reason, and I did not completely understand what he was trying to explain, was that Scriptures being viewed from a Greek perspective, can lead people to question how God can relate to a mutable


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