Lies by Ethan Canin

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Lies, a short story by Ethan Canin


The short story ”Lies” is about a boy named Jack. He has a bad relationship with his parents, and his father kicks him out of the house. Jack wanted to get out of the house, and it was one of the two things he wanted to do, get out of the house, and to go up to Fountain Lake with his girlfriend Katy. He is eighteen and is going to get married to his girlfriend Katy, and the first time he met her was at the movie theater. After graduated from high school Jack gets a job at Able’s, and it is the same place where he meets the beautiful Katy. Katy falls in love with him, but jack is not in love with her. Jack gets invited to Katy’s sister’s wedding, and has an awkward meeting with
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In the very end of the story, he accelerates faster and faster, which I think, represents his excitement and his freedom and that he is finally grown up.


Dreams play a unique and extraordinary role. Without dreams our life will be boring and dull, and we will have nothing to pursue. I think dreams give us hope and happiness, and play a big role in developing us from a very young age, to become the person we are till the very end. Everyone has dreams, some choose to follow them, and others do not. In the short story “Lies”, dreams represent hope, visions and happiness for the future.
Dreams and the closely connected hope are something in our lives that can bring us temporarily happiness. One of the first things Jack mentions in the text is the desire to go to Fountain Lake, he had a dream and he chased it. Maybe the acceleration of the car also represents his chase to grasp his dream. He chased it, grabbed it and fulfilled his