Celta Pre-Interview Task

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Language– Structure 1. Check in a grammar reference book and give examples of the following tenses. Give REALISTIC NATURAL examples that might commonly be spoken/written by a native speaker.

a.Present Simple I wake up late.
b.Present Continuous He is eating.
c.Past Simple She sat down.
d.Past Continuous They were still talking when I left.
e.Present Perfect Simple He hasn’t lived in London for long.
f.Present Perfect Continuous It has been raining for days.
g.Past Perfect He had eaten.
h.Past Perfect Continuous She had been playing for hours. 2. Many foreign learners have learnt that Will and Shall are used to refer to the future in English e.g. Jane'll be home
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stickmen holding briefcases, at computers, with brooms etc.
Words: Say each day of the week in succession followed by a pause and then emphasise the word ‘Weekday’
Actions: Write each day of the week on the board with the word ‘weekday’ underneath Monday to Friday and ‘weekend’ under Saturday and Sunday.

If they don’t know days of the week either then full dates (DD/MM/YYYY) can be added to the days to help make the information being put across more universal.

7. Think of a successful learning experience you have had. List the factors that you think contributed to its success. Can you think of any other factors that could be important?
Plenty of interaction from the teacher to the pupils helped to keep me interested and on track with what the teacher was teaching.
Group learning and interaction between pupils also kept things interesting and allowed us to learn from each other.
Making notes whilst listening to the teacher helped me to store information mentally and allowed me to go over it again at a later stage.
Being asked questions and on the spot testing meant I had to constantly pay attention and allowed constant interaction.
Having time to ask questions regularly meant I didn’t lose track or fall behind with what was being taught. Similarly putting time aside for one on one questions between pupil and teacher after a class helps those that are less willing to speak in


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