Books vs. Internet

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Books vs e-material
What is the deal?
Abstract: To read text on paper or on a computer screen is an everyday business for university students but which do they prefer? In this paper a research conducted at Reykjavik University in Iceland discussed. The focus is on university students’ attitudes to use books versus computers in they study. The research shows that students like both learning by reading books and from computers, they use computers frequently in their study but also books and paper and pencil.
Key words: Learning; Computer attitudes; Book attitudes
Development of computer technology has changed working methods and everyday life in countries where access to computers and the Internet is common. This has
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3. Questions about computer skills.
4. Questions about attitudes and use of computers in their study.
5. Questions about note taking in courses and learning methods related to computers. 6. Questions about reading and attitudes toward books.
7. Questions about learning styles.
In this paper only results relating to categories 1-6 will be presented.
About half (252, 49%) of the participants had been using computers in their study for
1-5 years, 29% (148) for 6-10 years and 19% (99) for over 10 years. Three percent (15) claimed that they had not used computers in their study. Most (430, 88%) said they had been using computers in their university study, 65% (318) in upper secondary school and
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International Conference on Computer Systems and Technologies - CompSysTech’07
22% (108) in secondary school. Access to computers is common among the participants as about two third (341, 67%) had both assess to laptop and desk-top computer, 26%
(133) had only assess to a laptop and only one student claimed he had not assess to computer outside the school. The students have owned personal computers for several years as 38% (193) have owned a computer for over 10 years, 31% (151) for 5-9 years and 29% (151) for 0-5 years.
Almost all (96%) of the students use computers to get material for they study and most (91%) of them use it for project work. Only seven (1%) students claim that they did not use computers for their


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