Case Starbucks Returns to its Roots

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Organizational Behavior and Development
Case Study
Starbucks Returns to Its Roots

Submission date: 9-12-2013

1. Whenever a company grows that rapidly as Starbucks did, from starting with 11 stores in 1987 to 7,000 stores nowadays, a lot of factors change. First of all, a major factor that changes when a company grows that rapidly is the organizational structure of the company. This can be especially true when the organization begins to expand to other geographic regions and the structure of the organization is spread out over many miles (as in the case of Starbucks). A company may start out small, but, as time goes by, more employees may be hired, necessitating the introduction of departmental managers to
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This connects to this chapter as the goal of planned change is to change employee behavior. Furthermore, this chapter talks about ‘change agents’ who are responsible for managing change activities. Howard Schulz is this change agent and acted as an idea champion. Idea champions are defined as people who actively and enthusiastically promote the change and build support, overcome resistance, and ensure it is implemented. Furthermore, these idea champions are willing to take risks and feel confident about the whole change situation. Howard Schulz was willing to take the risk to close all 7,000 stores for one afternoon in order to implement the change in each of the stores. He was confident about the change to succeed in this one afternoon and it did. The change of bringing back the culture to its roots of a neighborhood coffee shop entranced with the romance of coffee has saved the company.

4. Starbucks values quality over speed and is avoiding the feeling of mass production. For Starbucks baristas the quality is provided by pouring every glass of espresso like honey from a spoon and they do not make several drinks at once but are now in favor of slowly making each drink for each customer. A company that also values customization and high levels of customer service


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