Learning English as a Second Language

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English is an international language which is used officially all around the world. Anybody who wants to make connections with the world we live in should learn English. I had English language classes in my secondary and high school years. I also took some private English learning courses throughout summers in my country, Turkey. However, I could not improve my English effectively as all Turkish students in Turkey. I fully agree that English will be learned most efficiently in the boundaries of an English-speaking country not in the home country because of some cases. Therefore, I came here, USA, to learn English better after graduation from my university. First, English is dealt with all the time while staying in an English-speaking …show more content…
Besides, essay rules are extremely different in my country. It is not acceptable to illustrate personal experiences in the essays. In other words, nobody is able to write down “I” on their papers. In contrast, I was taught here it is strongly encouraged in English essays. Contrary to the US English writing classes, there was no rule in my English composition class in Turkey that one main supporting idea, their details, and examples have to be come up with on each paragraph of an essay. Last but not least, the people who learn English in an English-speaking country are apparently far more capable of this language than the others who learn it in their country. I can point out some of my professors and my friends to give examples. I observed when I was at undergraduate that some professors needed help from the others who graduated from the US universities to correct their mistakes in grammar and to clarify ambiguous points in English using on their articles and papers. My friends, who have been to the USA, England, or Canada to learn English, could communicate very well with tourists visiting my country while I got silent among them. In addition, thousands of international from all around the world go to an English-speaking country to learn English every year. Over the past decades, the number of students enrolled in English programs in the USA increased


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