CPA case study

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Case Study 1 = Dakz Performance Sports Apparel

Module 2: Understanding the external environment

(External Environment – everything external to the organisation including but not limited to: Industries, Markets, Political Forces, Regulations, Environmental Issues, Society, Technology and a variety of other factors)

Q1 – Define Industry and advise about Dakz performance spots apparel
Industry Definition (The grouping of similar economic or commercial activities that produce goods or services) Page 2.5
Dakz Performance sports apparel is into global athletic apparel and footwear industry.
Dakz started making compression apparel for triathletes, before quickly diversifying into small production runs of cycling and runin clothes
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Module 3: Understanding the internal environment

(Internal Environment – the internal influences and performance of an organization, identifying and focusing on the operational drivers, along with ensuring efficient organizational and people performance)
(Objective – understand current performance in order to drive future strategic options; growth, products/services, markets, differentiation, industry position)
1 & 2. Identify stakeholders and align stakeholder needs
Stakeholders’ Objectives
Alignment to objectives; met/not met
Will Winsome
(CEO and Founder of Dakz)
Long-term sustainability

Revenue and profit growth

Seeks operational excellence.

Very much aligned with company strategy due to significant investment in product development and monies in business.

Yes, Being a major supplier to the non-alcoholic beverage market has afforded ABL significant power over its customers. It has enabled the company to retain cost reductions achieved through efficiency gains rather than pass them onto the retailers. These efficiency gains have allowed the company to enjoy higher profitability levels than the industry overall, and have supported continuous investment to improve technology and infrastructure.

Yes, company is building competitive advantages by process re-engineering to reduce time to market giving refrigerator and storage machines at retailers place.


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