Book Review on the French Revolution and the People

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For my report I read The French Revolution and the People by David Andress to learn what were the reasons causing the French Revolutionary War. The main thesis of the book is the known problems and reactions which affected the events and outcomes of the revolution in every stage, now everyone in France was affected by the revolution. I agree with the author’s thesis on many different levels. Since the multiple troubles the people had at that time did not originate just then but decades before. As well with constant economic pressure of all the upper classes upon them only worsened the situation. Since all the troubles and problems of the poor were never looked after, now everyone in France gets a taste of the revolution. First, …show more content…
They had a decent harvest in 1785 but had a dry summer which leads to problems growing the grass crops for the livestock. Another harvest in 1786 was a disappointment in western France, another dry summer lead to another shortage of food for livestock again which lead to many peasants selling their livestock for money or food. By 1787 the harvests have only gotten worse and would play a huge role in the beginning of the French Revolution. Also, the peasants were not the only ones having trouble with the upper class; the artisans also had a difficult time. The problems were the guild master’s were not allowing other tradesmen into the cities, rarely hiring journeymen, teaching apprentices wrong or not enough. By doing these things the master’s of the guilds would curb the competition and keep the monopoly in their hands. Before the revolution the artisans still lived under the economic system of guilds. There were a few problems that the artisans dealt with such as master would rarely hire a journeyman for work. Since the only way a journeyman can become apart of the guild is to show the guild his final and most prestigious job done and no masters hiring them for work that made the life of an artisan worse. Since journeymen often worked as companions to master craftsmen, master craftsmen would rather save their money by not hiring journeymen unless a huge project was undertaken since they could always get


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