Birkenhead Outlet

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TASK 1: Understanding Marketing Activities

Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre at Drummoyne, is the only place in Sydney where you can shop whilst enjoying the spectacular views of Sydney Harbour and browse through a huge range of your favorite fashion, food and lifestyle brands. Birkenhead Point is Sydney’s original factory outlet centre, a site rich with heritage: the development of Birkenhead Point can be dated back to the early 1800’s. More recently, Birkenhead Point is renowned for offering top designer labels at up to 70% off regular retail prices.

Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) :

is the name for a economy group of discount shopping centres in Australia. They are large-floor warehouse
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And the VIP section gives users a sneak preview of some of the latest discounts that they can benefit from right through the mall. It also gives customers the opportunity to sign up to the email file in order to received special member-only discounts.

To what extent does the factory outlet can pose a threat to conventional retailers?

Nowadays, all the factory has been putting their lowest price to discount all the clothes they sell so that the consumers will buy it. It will be a big threat for those who franchise a store in their business with their regular price because instead of buying a regular price on the store,the consumer will find a factory sale choose the factory selling more discount instead at the conventional store who sells their regulars prices because it is more cheaper and more stocks.

The advantages and disadvantages of selling a wide range of products in one shop against a shop selling only one line product?
Businesses uses a range of different means to get their product/service to the customer. Obviously, it is important that you choose a means of distribution that is right for your market while at the same time being aware of alternatives that might gain you access to further markets.

With high level of visibility
The sales process in retailing is much shorter and easier compared to other business. Customer comes to shop, your staff serve them, customer decide to buy, pay up. The