Cmgt 554 Week 5

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CMGT 554 Week 5 Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal UoP

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal
CMGT 554
Week 5

Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Web Portal In today’s market you must have a Web presence to compete. Hospitals are no longer immune to changes brought about by the intenet and web based transactions. Patton-Fuller must look internally to see what services could be offered through a Web Portal to extend as much information to their patients as possible. Some information that could be delivered to patients electronically are newsletters, viewing of peoples public information that are currently in the hospital, such as patients’ room numbers, as well as the ability to purchase
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Other online tool that could be incorporated are sites such as Facebook and twitter. Each of these Social Networking tools must be utilized in different capacities. Facebook should be used to promote the hospital and introduce the patients to new services or tools the hospital will be rolling out. The hospitals main Twitter page should be should be used for short burst communications to clients. An example of how a hospital could use Twitter is announcing the promotion of a Doctor to a prestigious board or the hospital collectively receiving an award or recognition. Twitter’s lower character count means information must be concise and focused to be affective. Each social networking site linked to the hospital not only needs to be monitored but access must be limited to a few. Control of the hospital social networking presence must be given to marketing to ensure the correct message and face is presented to the public. Controlling these tools are important for the hospitals public and press relations. Employees must be trained to understand that they can’t treat the hospital social sites the way they treat their own social profile. Facebook, and Twitter as well as other social sites are informal by nature. They are a place for user to share personal information with their circle of associates, while the hospitals site will try to duplicate that informal feel but