AMH 2010 exam 1 notes

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Nhi Le
Mid-term essay outline
Explain the four major types of British colonial communities that developed by the middle of the 18th century. Talk about the economic, political, and social characteristics that made each community that made each community unique.
Introduce 4 major types of British colonial communities: Urban seaports, Backcountry/frontier, settled farming, and southern plantation
These communities are distinguished by their uniqueness in economic, political and social characteristics
Urban seaports: Cities like Boston, New York, Newport, Philadelphia, Charleston became major urban seaports and commercial centers populated by rich and poor alike.
In the 1700s, such cities were small and densely
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But the governor had run away once the mob entered Jamestown
Bacon fell ill and died of diarrhea, the rebellion died out
However, it has left a big impact and change in slavery
1660s – 1670s few indentured servants showed up because they wouldn’t be given a reward at the end of the contract
More Africans showed up their prices drop
Farmers buy short term indentured servants or long term black slaves Slavery increased
African and white population increased due to natural increase
1670s-80s: white and black working together until Virginia developed a constitution that separated whites and blacks
Black people have to pay higher taxes, no right to vote, no ownership of weapons and harder punishments
Criminalised interracial relationships if the woman is white
Slave owners in Virginia can’t free slaves
Negro Act of 1740
What led to the Negro Act? Stono rebellion
A slave rebellion in 1739
Led by native Africans who were Catholic and from KongoLeader: Jemmy – literate slave, led 20 other enslaved KongoleseArmed march south from Stono river recruited 60 more slaves
Battle about 20 whites and 40 slaves killed rebellion largely suppressed
Others escaped, traveled a