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Unit 342: Using bespoke software & Unit 354: Monitor and solve customer service problems.
1.11.6 and 2.3: I input relevant information accurately daily so that it is ready for processing. I do this by scanning in the forms we receive, after separating them into piles to group them for easy scanning. After I have scanned them all, I then use Xpress to start the processing. When I am doing so, I make sure I copy all the details accurately. This is very important, as I am dealing with personal and sensitive information received from the public. I take extra care when entering the digits, such as NI numbers or date of births. When inputting this information I am using a scanner, keyboard and mouse. I found that one reoccurring problem I had
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I check this information meets the needs; therefore I can’t process a form without either piece of information as this will not make these persons postal votes effective. If either detail is missing, I skip this form. Sometimes an elector may send in a postal vote before their information has been matched with the DWP, if I process this postal form it will not be correct and this person could lose their chance to vote. I don’t want this to happen, so I skip these forms and check the image processing queue on a regular basis and process any forms where the elector’s details have changed to green, as this is now necessary to complete. By doing this, I am responding to this problem to ensure the outcome is fit for purpose, that the elector is verified before I process their postal vote as this is when it becomes possible for me to do so. If I didn’t wait for them to turn green, I would be defeating the purpose of my job and risking somebody’s chance to vote.
4.1 Our organisations procedures and systems for dealing with customer service problems are that we should sort the problem as soon as we can and inform the customer of what actions we are taking and also inform them when the problem has been solved. We always let the customer know what we will do to solve the problem they are having, how we will do so and also we apologise for the inconvenience. When we pick


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