Baseball Memoir

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Ever since I could remember, I have always had a great interest and love for the game of baseball. As a kid, I would spend countless hours in the backyard with my grandfather, or even by myself, tossing, hitting and fielding a baseball. When I wasn't in the yard pretending to be Nomar Garciaparra I would watch the Boston Red Sox games on TV with my Grandfather. Even in my early adolescence, as impatient as most are, I had the patience to sit there and watch the Sox.With my eyes glued to the screen with a look of anticipation fixed on my face ready to mimic my grandfather with the excitement of a home run hit or the frustration of Mo-Vaughn striking out. Call me crazy, but I was addicted, even as a young boy, to Boston Red Sox baseball. …show more content…

At the last minute I decided to go and boy was I in for a surprise. We parked in Quincy and took the train into Boston as we had always done. Mixed emotions from Sox fans engulfed the jam packed train, and conversation was swarming about how disappointing the Sox were and how they would lose the series. A group of old men were bickering about the topic, one of them even screamed "THE NAILS IN THE COFFIN ALREADY!" I was one of the pessimists who had no faith and kept my mouth shut. The atmosphere on the train was hot and tightly packed like a can of sardines, I was eager to get off. We arrived at the vintage ball park and everything was almost as if it never moved from 5 years ago when I saw my first game. I was in for the surprise of my life. The Sox ended up down the whole game, when it came to the 9th and final inning with the Yankees ahead of by 1 run, Lights out closer Mariano Rivera was on the mound. The Yankees thought they had the game in the bag that is until, a runner reached base. Dave Roberts stole second base, putting him in scoring position as the tying run, sending the Fenway faithful into absolute pandemonium. At this point, the stadium was so loud I could barley here my self breathe. An overwhelming feeling of excitement and adrenaline ran through my soul. Emotions were high as David Ortiz stepped to the plate. Boom! He hit a single, driving in the tying run, turning the momentum in favor


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