How Does the Language Used by Lord Sugar and the Apprentice Contestants Reflect on Their Role in the Boardroom?

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How does the language used by Lord Sugar and the Apprentice Contestants reflect on their role in the boardroom?

The language used by Lord Sugar and the Apprentice contestants reflects on their role in the boardroom in a variety of ways; Lord Sugar’s language portrays him as being totally in charge and the vocabulary used by the candidates shows their anxiety. The body language they display also helps to reinforce their roles.

Lord Sugar is obviously in control of the entire boardroom, he shows this through his choice of spoken language and body language; by saying “can I clarify one thing”. This reminds the candidates of Lord Sugar’s powerful position and where the future employee will stand with him; this also provides a challenge
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Lord Sugar is also sitting at the head of the table so this also helps him to keep his control because it gives him a sense of power. The style and height of his chair also makes the contestants feel controlled because it makes Lord Sugar look as if he is looking down on the contestants and he is better than them. The word “we’re” shows that Lord Sugar is also putting himself into the situation and making himself part of it, it is also a formal command and addressing the group as a whole. He is also deciding for them. He uses this word because he is trying to be more approachable, so by adapting his language he makes the contestants feel more off guard. Lord sugar uses the word “yeah” to show he is acknowledging what the candidates have to say, at the same time using an informal tone, attempting to engage them.

Karen Brady and Nick Hewer are portrayed as Lord Sugar’s support team; they step in whenever Lord Sugar does pick something up. “But that’s the point isn’t it” later on she then proceeds to say “but is it your name yes or no Jim?” Nick says “The vet said universal dog food it’s against everything we believe in”. They are Lord Sugar’s support team because they pick up on anything Lord Sugar has not said. This then helps to interrogate the contestants even move because Nick and Karen don’t say much, however they are


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