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Social Responsibility
July 1, 2013

Part A Social responsibility is an important part of business today. Company Q’s current attitude towards social responsibilities seems insensitive. This company has shown that profits drive the success of their business. Company Q is closing two stores in high crime rate areas due to lost revenue. It did not seem the company explored other options that would have less impact on the community and their businesses. By exploring other options they could have improved the stores profits while making an investment in the community. Company Q made no efforts to explore other ideas. By researching different options or processes Company Q could have keep its doors open.
Company Q
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The company needs to form a committee to evaluate how it handles customer’s feedback and what it does with that information. When taking the suggestions and recommendations of its patrons it also needs to consider the affordability of these items so that patrons don’t get turned off by high prices on the items they were requesting. When Company Q had the option to donate its day old food to a local food back they should have taken that opportunity. There are a lot of benefits from donating goods to the community. The store could have taken advantage of saving money on publicity. They could have used this as a tax write off and put that money back into the store. This would have put the store in the public eye in turn they would have received more clients. Company Q also had an opportunity to show others in the community they were a company that cared. If a business seems empathetic to the public’s needs more people will support and recommend using Company Q’s services. More people in the community will feel good about supporting the store.
In conclusion, Company Q needs improvement with social responsibility. There is a need to improve how they work with their customers, employees, and establishing trust with the community. Company Q needs to develop better processes, improve its activities, and its attitudes of business. When they start to address these concepts the company will


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